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Take One Leave One

Take One Leave One is based on a very simple idea, if you have something spare, leave it, if you need it, take it.

In 2016, Emilia Flores set up a rail in Dallas, an idea she took from her native Mexica.

In 2017 Stefan Simanowitz saw a tweet about it and set up a rail in Exmouth market.

Since then many rails have been set up throughout the UK over the winter periods, providing warm coats to rough sleepers and those in need.

Early 2021, Lighthouse set up two rails, one in Thornton Heath and one in Vauxhall.

These two rails are run every week and provide clothes, food and hot drinks to anyone in need in the local communities.

We are dedicated to making a difference in peoples lives, no matter how small, the main reason most people visit our rails is to chat over a cuppa, some of our guests can go the whole week without any other conversation and that's where we step in.

If you are able to donate or volunteer with this project please contact us

Thornton Heath runs every Saturday, 2-4pm by the clock tower.

Vauxhall runs every Friday, 12-2pm in the station.

For more information

Registered Office: All Nations Centre, Tyers Terrace, Kennington, SE11 5LY

Registered No: 05332363, Registered Charity No: 1091641

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