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Your wellbeing is important

It's ok to ask for help

MindCare is available for anyone of any age who would like to talk to a professional in mental health. We provide practical and realistic support for your wellbeing.

MindCare is here to listen and support





CONTACT 07427532566


MindCare Testimonial

My experience of using the services of MindCare has been very positive. I was assigned a trained care volunteer, who was very polite and responsible. I suffer from loneliness and not someone to readily open up and connect with others, even if they were offering to help me. My wife is in hospital on a long stay, which is another challenge to me, with all the ups and downs of this. With all that I was going through, I was keen only on engaging in a service that would keep my information in the strictest confidence.

I was very glad to see that my care volunteer, in our first meeting, made a lot of effort to reassure me that all of our conversations were strictly confidential.

My initial skepticism about the level of support and benefit I would gain from regular meetings with my care volunteer were quickly dispersed. He was tireless in his effort to contact me and check up on my wellbeing, bi-weekly. Even in two weeks when I promised to call my care volunteer back and forgot, he would still reach out to me if he hadn't heard from me. Something I greatly appreciated.

He is supportive in taking time to listen and understand me, things I like doing or used to like doing. Talking together and with his encouragement, I have started making more effort to seek and join local societies. Even monthly catch ups with my brother, he has motivated me to improve on this. His help and encouragement is making a positive impact on my overall wellbeing.

My engagement with MindCare is ongoing and I am very happy to recommend the help and support of MindCare to those in need of their great support.



Registered Office: All Nations Centre, Tyers Terrace, Kennington, SE11 5LY

Registered No: 05332363, Registered Charity No: 1091641

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